Top Book on Endocrinology by Dr. Robert Lustig

I loved Dr. Robert  Lustig's book "Fat Chance". If you ever want to feel less alone in this whole thing, read it or listen to the audiobook. It's probably at your library.

In the book he talks about infant patients with obesity, something I've claimed I noticed in my own child. When I say my child was born with obesity, that she was very fat despite being breastfed exclusively, people look at me weird and say, "fat babies are the best babies." But this was next level fat. This wasn't squishy and normal, this was different. And it makes you realize, the standard of care doesn't work for our kids with obesity. Who would advise an infant to eat less and move more? 

In his YouTube videos, Dr. Lustig comes across as a gruff, serious, somewhat unpleasant guy but I think he's pissed off because he really cares.  I'm pissed off too Dr. Lustig.  Fist bump. 

Now, in his writing, he shines with kindness and empathy for his patients.  Read his forward to the book:

This book is dedicated to all the obese patients worldwide who suffer daily, and the family members who suffer with them. The children who will not know a normal childhood, who will endure an inhuman existence, and will die a slow and early death. The parents who are engulfed by guilt. The unborn children, who are already imprisoned by changes in their brains and their bodies. But most of all, I dedicate this book to those of you who are or have been my patients; for it is you who taught me the science of your affliction. You also taught me more than medical school ever did or could; and that each life is valuable, precious, and worth saving. You maintained your dignity in the face of the most adverse circumstances imaginable. You shared with me your misery, and your joy in small victories. We cried and we laughed together. I hope I was of some service and comfort.
This book is my way of returning the favor.
Thanks Dr. Lustig.