Top Halloween Tips


I’m making more Halloween plans. 

Halloween = hell on Earth for moms of kids who are diabetic or near diabetic. Here’s my latest thinking. What’s your plan?

- I’ll buy back as much of their candy as they’ll sell me. I usually pay a ridiculously high price, from .50 cents to $1 per piece. I justify it as moving money from one pocket to another.

- I’m going to give away sugar-free gum. Giving away sugar-free candy would raise eyebrows but parents are used to Trident, Extra, and other types of sugarless gum. Thinking of this Dubble Bubble but need to work out the math. (Our neighborhood gets 600-800 trick-or-treaters per year because they close the roads to cars. Parents love to drop off their kids in packs for safety reasons.)

- Last year I gave out glow necklaces. They were a huge hit but it is expensive to buy 800 of them, and they create so much plastic waste for just a few hours of fun. I felt guilty - though candy comes wrapped in plastic too.

I know all of my kids will get a lot of junk around Halloween. If you live in the US, Canada, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, you probably are living the same nightmare. Are candy-focused holidays part of your October outside of these spots?

I could use more good ideas. What else could I give out to 800 kids that isn’t damaging?

I also need to chill out about it because there's little I can do. The candy is a scourge, and it doesn’t just last one night. Bowls of sugar are already everywhere – there was a huge bowl of Smarties at the breakfast spot we went to yesterday.

Here's a link to the sugarless gum.

Edited:  Brilliant ideas came out of our Facebook group.  I have to share.

Alternatives to giving out sugar:

  • Tattoos
  • Stickers
  • Mini bottles of water (Genius! The kids do get so thirsty.)