Best Substitutes for Maple Syrup and Chocolate Sauce

If you're looking for sugar-free substitutes, here's a chocolate sauce and a maple syrup that make life bearable for sugar lovers.

Amazon reviewers give both the maple syrup and chocolate sauce 4.4 out of 5 stars and include some love letters in their reviews. 

My sister turned me onto this Torani chocolate sauce - it's our dessert substitute. We make whipped cream and top it with a little chocolate sauce and sliced almonds. We also use it to get through ski trips, snow days, and other hot cocoa occasions. Mix some into hot whole milk or half and half. (If you add too much chocolate, it tastes almost salty. But the right amount tastes... perfect.)

Avoid sweeteners if they scare you. I used to choose "natural" sugar over sweeteners, but we're almost diabetic over here so was it natural, or toxic?  After reading “The Case Against Sugar” about how hard the sugar industry worked to disparage non-calorie sweeteners, with no real proof, I'm convinced substitutes are safer for us than sugar. If you have questions about sweetener safety, let me know at .